My Way Of L-O-V-E


I write about it alot, but i don’t think i really understand it.

In my eyes, love is an expression of the soul.

Love is trust.

Love is respect.

Love is committment.

Love is faithfulness.

Love is understanding.

This is my way of  love.

But is this the same way eveyone understands love?

Is love the same for everyone?

If they say they love you, but they can’t be trusted, they are not respectful, and they are not committed, then what is it that they are really saying?

I have come to the conclusion that love for them means,

“i love being taken care of,

i love the way we look together,

i love the fact that you would do anything for me,

but i also love my freedom,

i love doing what i want,

and i love being the center of attention.”

Who am i to say which type of love is the right kind?

I guess love is different for everyone.

But I am starting to understand love a little bit more,

No matter what kind of love someone believes in,

One day I am going to find someone to love me—my way of love.

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