Pursuit of Happiness

About 40 years ago Virginia’s anti-miscengenation law was overturned in the civil rights case Loving v. Virginia. The anti-miscengenation law banned interracial marriages. It is hard to believe that in our country a law could ban two people from being together. However, it is still happening today. Things have changed since 1967 in terms of interracial marriages, however, it is still a struggle for gays. Though some states have banned laws outlawing same sex marriages, there are still some that continue attempt to keep some people from being together.

What I don’t understand is why we have put laws in place that keep people from being happy. Just because two people’s skin is a different color, we refuse to let them get married. Two people of the same gender fall in love and we refuse to let them get married. 

If you know anything about me, you know I like my men tall dark and handsome. I couldn’t imagine falling in love with someone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but not being “allowed” to get married unless I was willing to break the law. Though things have changed since this law was overturned, I still have people asking me what my parents think of our “situation”. The fact that he is an amazing man, comes from a great family, and treats me like I want to be treated is evidently not as important as the fact that he is black. And when I tell people that my parents love him, they act surprised, that somehow it is surprising that my parents approve of the man that I love regardless of the fact that his skin is a different color.

As Americans it is our right for the pursuit of happiness–if this is true then why are there laws in place to prevent that. I’m not saying that being in love and/or married is the only way to be happy, however, for those that are in love and want to get married-i believe-have the right to further their happiness by allowing that dream to come true. I may not quite understand someone who is gay– just as others may not understand how I fell in love with someone of a different race, but I want them to be just as happy as I am. If this means that they fall in love with someone of the same sex then they should be free to express this love and happiness through marriage.

This is not a post that is looking to delve into the political reasons these laws have been put in place. Nor is it a post going against religious reasons for these beliefs. It is merely a post to say that who are we to judge others happiness and relationships. We are all looking to be happy in this life. To make the most out of our time here. If individuals choose to spend that time differently than others, they should be free to do so. What makes me happy and who I love is compleltely different from my neighbor, so why not allow everyone to be individuals and embrace our differences. We can really learn alot from these differences and become better people.


One thought on “Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I agree some much with this post! Its ridculouse how people will try and stop two people from being happy over such trival reasons! I hope everything goes well for you and your partner x

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