Chihuly Exhibit :)

I recently visited the Chihuly Exhibit at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN. This was hands down one of the most amazing exhibits I have ever experienced. Dale Chihuly is a glass blowing artist who crafts freestanding plantlike creations for exhibits throughout the world. The process to create such a work of art is an long intricate process that involves the help of an entire team of artists. The glass is blown and twisted into amazing shapes with vibrant colors. The intricate design and detail that go into each piece show the dedication and passion that go into each piece.

This exhibit truly inspired me. Chihuly took something common and turned it into incredible works of art. We don’t usually look at glass and consider it something beautiful or to be admired. However, he shows the many different demensions that glass really has that we may not see in our everyday lives.

The photos I took show each of Chihuly’s creations at the Cheekwood exhibit.

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