A Grizwald Family Christmas

I have talked alot about my family and the importance that they have in my life. Part of this comes from the fact that it is ALWAYS so much fun when everyone gets together. You never know what is going to happen.

Christmas this year was no different.

This Christmas was filled with a beer tower, card games that got out of control, a gag gift gone wrong, a serenade of Hark the Herald Angels by a three year old, presents literally being thrown about during a Christmas game, stories of christmas’ past, lots of laughter and a family chirstmas that will forever be remembered.

It is for these reasons that my family does mean so much to me. I have lived away from my family for five years and this year seemed to be the hardest to come back from a christmas with my family due to the simple realization that these moments are ones that can never be duplicated–and how special it really is to have such a close family that makes for such a memorable Christmas.

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