Just the candy and greeting card holiday?

Today I was thinking seriously about Valentines day. Many people have said that this is just a holiday created for greeting card and candy compainies to boost sales during hard times. However, I think there is more to this holiday. Valentines day is soley based around one thing, love. I have come to realize that love is the one thing that literally all of humanity has in common.

I write about many things on this blog, however, I find that the topics that get the most traffic are the posts about love– whether it be trying to find, losing, wishing for,  never ending, challenging, or just love in general. Love is one thing that everyone can relate to. Everyone spends at least a part of their life looking for love–trying to find that special someone to spend their life with.

So I think Valentine’s Day is more than just the candy and greeting card holiday. I choose to believe it is a holiday devoted to love. A day to really show those we love, how much we do–whether it be a spouse, a significant other, or just a friend or family member.  A day devoted to that emotion we all have-LOVE.

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