In Rememberance

I write a lot about love. I believe that where ever you go, where ever you are, whoever you meet, there is love.

Today we see an outpouring of love. On a day that many people are hurting and sadness overwhelms–love overcomes.

The love of a parent for their child who was lost.
The love of a child for a parent they never got to really know.
The love of a family who lives every day missing one of their own.
The love of a stranger who stopped on the streets of New York to help.
The love of a nation for the heroes that on that fateful day as well as every day since have risked their lives for the rest of us.

September 11 will always remain a day for sorrow and mourning. A day to remember those that we lost and say thank you to those that risked their lives that day. But it will also be a day that we see love all around.
A day that families call each other just to say I love you. A day that we all feel a sense of love for the people we see in New York paying homage to their loved ones. A love for our nation that came together in a time of need.

So if you think about it–even on the saddest day–love shows itself. It may be in the smallest way, but it is there–always.

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