It Brings Me Back

Do you ever hear a song and have it take you back to a completely different time and place?

I had this experience just the other day. I was randomly searching the web when I came upon “The Graduation Song” by Vitamin C and I was immediately brought back to my senior year of high school. Though that was six years ago, it still felt like yesterday with every feeling and memory coming rushing back to me. I remember the slideshow that our senior class watched and that I cried to as I sat next to my five best friends. I remember riding around our small town with them one last time with the windows rolled down and promising that we would stay best fiends forever. I remember all of us being dressed in our white robes with our red roses walking down the aisle as we graduated. It was a sad yet exciting time for all of us. We were inseparable, yet we were all about to head off in six different directions six different colleges in six different cities.

It’s funny to think that all of this came from listening to one song. One song that brought me back to a time six years ago.

Songs tend to have that affect though. One song that I didn’t even realize I was paying attention to brings up a memory I didn’t even know I had. And that is what’s so amazing about songs, a million songs equal a million memories and a million memories makes up a pretty fantastic life.

Friends Forever (The Graduation Song) by Vitamin C

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