That was…magical

I believe life is all about the moments, anything from the moments that can take your breath away to a seemingly insignificant circumstance. Many of these moments for me have come when I am doing something that I am incredibly passionate about, traveling. There is so much to see in this immense world of ours and I am blessed to say that I am a able to witness just a handful of these moments it has to offer. One such moment came when I recently visited the Outer Banks, North Carolina.


This was such a different beach trip than I am used to. There were only a handful of people on the beach, there were no boats, jet skis or parasailers. There was a peace that surrounded us that was magnified by the crash of each wave. And though this was an incredible experience,the trip changer was the wild horses. There is a section of the beach that is protected specifically for the Spanish Mustangs that run wild. I have always had a love for horses (being the Kentucky girl that I am), however I have only ever seen domesticated horses. To see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat running wild and free, was, as my cousin put, magical. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. With the sun shining off of the blue water and the silhouette of the horses, it was picture perfect, and yet no picture could quite do it justice.


What made this event even more special was that usually there are just a few horses that actually come down to the water, most stay hidden back in the dunes of the island. On this particular day however, there were almost 100 horses, traveling in packs along the coastline. In shock, the tour guide told us to take as many pictures as possible because this was a once in a lifetime event to see this many horses on the beach. I was moved to tears and am still unable to put into words exactly what it was that was so special about it. Regardless, it was one of those moments in life that make you appreciate how vast and astounding the world is and how many opportunities there are to experience it. These are the moments that create the most happiness in my life, the ones that are almost unexplainable yet ones that will never be forgotten.

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