Your Power, Your Style


photoI love to read. Whether it be a novel, a magazine, or just an article, I love hearing other people’s experiences and stories being brought to life through words. The book that is sparking my interest right now is The Power of Style, written by Bobbie Thomas. I first became interested in the work of Bobbie Thomas after watching her fashion spot, Bobbie’s Buzz on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Being interested in fashion, I always love to see what people are finding out there that make us look and feel beautiful. Bobbie always features the most original and fun fashion tips and latest trends that are easily accessible to the average woman.
She however, has a different approach to fashion than most. Her focus is first on the person wearing the clothes, rather than the clothes themselves–focusing on style rather than fashion. Having a background in counseling, her tip is to “be your own one-person PR department.”  It’s all about how to wear clothes that speak to who you are and what you want to convey to the world. She writes that it is not always about wearing what is “in style” but wearing a style that you are comfortable with and that is “you.”  She  does this by discussing body types and how to wear different styles depending on your shape,  the best color for you and how to wear your favorite accessories.

Her book is not only designing your best style but designing your best life. By aligning your style with your life you begin to show the world the best you. It is refreshing to see someone who promotes fashion and style who seems down to earth and truly believes that beauty is not just about what you wear but who you are.

Her dedication is the perfect quote  to sum up the theme of her book, “To anyone else who’s ever felt ‘less than’…too short, too long, too big, too small, too young, too old, too weak, too bold, too odd, too plain, too shy, or too vain-you are enough, lovable, and worthy of powerful style.”

Visit Bobbie’s website for more information on all of her style tips.

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