Live, Love, Travel


I was meant to see the world.

To make a home wherever I lay my head at night.

To experience life and love freely and fully.

To wander until my soul is satisfied.

To be guided by the whims of my heart.

To be enlightened by the wisdom provided by others.

To watch the sun rise over a distant land,

and set where the sea meets the sky.

To let the impulse of adventure entertain my thoughts.

To witness the creatures of this earth in their natural state,

and to let the vastness of it all overwhelm me.

To let the stars be my map, the sun my compass, and the moon my globe.

To observe the sights that a picture could never do justice,

and be swept away by its’ beauty.

To see and experience all of these things will lead to a life well lived.

4 thoughts on “Live, Love, Travel

  1. Beautiful thoughts which captures that which stirs inside me on a continual basis. I personally love the quote in your image, “Homesick for a place I have never been.” Best wishes for many new adventures in unexplored destinations 😉

    1. Thank you! Same to you as well! Hopefully we all can get out and enjoy that which is under our feet!

    1. Thanks girl! Love being able to share a common interest of travel! Makes it all the more exciting! Best wishes to you and your awesome adventures to come!

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