A Parallelled Life


I am reflecting today on the moment when we realize that the parallels formed in our lives are not just by accident. I have had multiple opportunities over the past year to expand my horizons from a professional standpoint. These have been opportunities that made me a little uneasy at first because I knew so little about the industry. I took on two jobs that I thought were opposite in nature however, over time, I found more and more parallels between the two. One being in the medical field and the other being in a yoga studio, neither of which I had any experience in . But as I became educated about these two jobs I realized there were parallels between health, spirituality, and living your best life that I had not connected before. By stepping out of the box I had put myself in, I was able to find two things that, though they may seem completely separate, the values and beliefs of both are incredibly similar. Each speak to a different side of my personality, one side being the corporate professional side, the other being the free spirit side always wild at heart, however both focusing on helping people to be healthy and live this short life that we have in the best possible way.

I have always possessed the belief that people and events are put into our lives for a reason, and that only in hindsight, can we truly understand why things happened as they did. The people who we meet who we have so much in common with, who we feel like we have known forever. The way that what we are truly meant to do in life happens without us even realizing that it is happening. Having that AHA moment when all of the levels of your life match up and you realize that this was the plan all along. The realization you were meant to be in this place at this time to fulfill part of your destiny and it was not just fate. It was years of your life preparing you for this moment, your life preparing you to be ready for who you were meant to be. The grace that falls upon the insignificant moments in life that you look back on with fondness realizing now how it fits into the greater puzzle that is your life. Those moments of wonder at how different your life may be had it not been for that one thing that hapened that one time that would change the outcome of the rest of your life. The people that pushed you to think bigger and greater and expand your realm of understanding to allow new opportunities to present themselves. The calming feeling that presents itself when you realize that you lead a life that is satisfying your spirit where your mind can be at ease knowing that your path has already been created. It is nowup to you to reveal and follow it.

I am finally finding my niche in this world. I am becoming the person that I always knew I could be. I am allowing myself to becoming open to new and exciting options. I am taking risks and following the dreams that I had when I was young. I am freeing myself by finding my way. 

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