Adventure Seeking Essentials

With the end of summer looming *insert tears* I am looking back on my summer with such fond memories of all of the places I was able to travel to. My travels included a wide range of places all over the U.S. and no matter where my travels took me, I had a few essential items that accompanied me each time. Here are my adventure seeking essentials.

getimage Steve Madden Duffle
I have had this bag for 2 years and I absolutely love it. The Steve Madden Duffle bag is as functional as it is chic. With zippers to increase size, the bag goes easily from a large purse to a small carry on. I tend to be a bit of an over-packer, ok fine, a HUGE over-packer, and this bag is big enough to comfortably carry a makeup case, a change of clothes, wallet, magazines, a book and whatever other odds and ends I “must have”. For years after college I used old back packs and sports duffels from my athlete days. This bag is just as functional, yet looks much more stylish and chic.
(Steve Madden Luggage, T.J. Maxx, $65)


Classic Sunniesimages
I love having blue eyes, however, that just means my squinting is heightened by about 100% in the summertime sun. My Michael Kors sunglasses are the one thing that I never go anywhere without. Since I wear sunglasses so much, my favorites are the lightweight aviators. They travel easily and can fit into a small purse or clutch for when you switch over from the carry-on bag.
(MICHAEL Michael Kors Sicily Aviator, $99)


pBBW1-17705451enh-z8Germ Free
I have never been much of a germaphobe but planes and traveling always make me feel dirty. My favorite way of making sure that my hands are always free of the plane and travel ick is Bath and Body works hand sanitizer. The different fruity fragrances and on-the-go bottles make them easy to take with you wherever your travels take you.
(Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer, 5 for $5)



I am constantly cold, especially in airports. So, I always bring with me some type of cover. I used to just bring a sweatshirt, however I recently found a much more fashionable alternative. I have come to love shopping at consignment shops and during a trip early last year I found an amazing fringe shawl that has become my travel staple.
(Julie’s Inspiration Consignment Shoppe, $65; Pictured: Bickley + Mitchell Fringe Wrap, Nordstrom Rack, $40)



worlds-softest-cozy-spa-quarter-socks-6-pairFor the Feet
In following with the theme of keeping myself warm while traveling, I always have to have my feet covered. The Cabanna slip ons by Free People are my favorites while walking through the airport and socks by World’s Softest Socks for when I have settled into the flight. As slip-ons the Cabanna is easy to get on and off quickly when moving through security as well as comfortable enough to walk the seemingly seven miles it takes to get to the gate.
(Cabana Slip On, Free People $79; Worlds Softest Socks, $7.99)



Traveling from different climates tends to easily dry out my skin. There are so many different types of lotion out there but I’m a sucker for a cute concept when it comes to any beauty product. Whoopie Cream by Farm House Fresh smells amazing (vanilla and cake batter scented) and contains butters and Vitamin E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin. With its’ whimsical packaging it is a cute gift for yourself or others to keep your skin moisturized for whatever adventure comes your way.
(Whoopie! Shea Butter Hand Cream, $14)



s1578129-main-heroToo Faced Teezer
The last two things I always make sure that I bring with me is something to freshen up my appearance. The Too Faced: Teddy Bear Hair five piece brush set from Sephora is my favorite brush set that fits easily in any small space to freshen up makeup and the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler from Nasty Gal to brush out any tangles that come from too much traveling. These are two small and easy things to pack, but make a big difference to get off the plane effortlessly fresh and ready to take on the day.
(Too Faced Teddy Bear Five Piece Brush Set, Sephora $65; Tangle Teezer, Nasty Gal $20)


With these essentials I am ready for all of my future travels wherever they may take me.  Here’s to many more years wandering and adventure seeking!

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