A Love Letter: To Mom

LoveDear Mom,

As I have grown older, they tell me I look like you, I sound like you, I act like you. At first I rolled my eyes, said I didn’t see it, tried to be the opposite. But now I realize how much of a compliment it is to be compared to you. You are the epitome of who I hope to be. To even have half of the heart, the tenacity, the gumption and the generosity that you have, I would consider myself lucky.  When we were young, no birthday ever went uncelebrated, no disney movie went unseen, no fort ever went unmade. Our childhood was filled with imagination. You were loving yet firm, telling us always to try our best and be kind. You put your life on hold for us, making taking care of us your first priority. Even though we are all now grown you are still the first person I seek out for advice. You are my go to when life throws curveballs and you always have a game-plan on how to fix it. I constantly hear your words of wisdom in my mind steering me on the right path. Though the childhood memories are amazing, now, as an adult, the moments with you mean so much more. The nights at the theater, jetting off to New York City for a spontaneous trip, and my most favorite of all, sitting in the sunshine reading magazines with you. I can’t imagine life without you. You have become much more than a mother, you have become my confidant. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I will always take you with me. Thank you for giving me my life, thank you for giving me your life and thank you for making this life the absolute best.


Your girl.

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