The Holy Grail of Pants (for tall girls)

I have been on a mad hunt for the past, well, 15 years or so, for pants. I’m 6’1 and have never been able to find pants that are: 1. affordable 2. long enough 3. look good on my body type. I have tried all of the “tall sections” of stores and it seems that even when pants are labeled as tall, they are just a touch too short for me. I find this especially true when it comes to pants for work. In fact, it got so bad over the winter that I bought four pair of “tall” pants from a store and cut the hem of all of them so that I could have that extra inch of length. I have had to resort to cuffing my jeans constantly or wearing boots to disguise the awkwardly short pants that I’ve had to buy. I need an inseam of at least 37 inches–sometimes 38 and it is a very rare thing to find.

I was always really shy and self conscious about my height in my youth. I would NEVER wear heels and hunch my shoulders forward to try and appear a few inches shorter. Over the years, and with much encouragement from those I love, I have really learned to embrace and flaunt my height. So much so that I now wear heels frequently throughout the week. My problem, however, continued to be that I could only wear them with skirts or cropped pants. But y’all, I have finally found a company that makes pants that ARE LONG ENOUGH, fit really well and are incredibly affordable.  In fact, I recently spent $170 and got EIGHT pair of pants, a combination of jeans and work-pants. The company is called Boohoo and their tall section really and truly means tall. All of the pants that I received in my shipment–all eight pair–were the perfect length, even long enough to pair with heels. They also have high waisted options. Since I don’t have the flat tummy that I had as a youngster–I love a good high waisted pant. However, often times, I would buy high waisted only to find that it would cut into the length. These are high waisted while keeping the length.


The other thing I love is that they are all on trend and cute. Some companies that I have tried to order from before, have tall sections, that are long enough, however, they are plain, boring and old looking. Boohoo’s selection allows me to perfectly express my style without losing out on new trends and cute options.

Now, will these pants last forever, probably not, but they are so affordable that when they do begin to wear out, I don’t feel like I’ve lost out on a ton of money.

So, my tall girls, check this company out. I am in no way profiting from this post or in any way linked to this company other than as a shopper. I just know that finding pants for someone who is over 5’9, is a lesson in frustration, so I try and share anything that I can find that makes it just a bit easier!

Happy shopping!!

American Beautiful

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