Gardening Without A Green Thumb


I have to preface this post with the following:

If throughout this post you’re thinking, “this girl has no idea what she’s talking about–I know more about gardening than she does!”

My response would be, yes, you’re probably right.

I know very little about gardening. I will be the first one to admit that. However, I love living things, I love flowers, I love plants and I love learning new hobbies. Over the past few months, gardening has been that hobby.

Previously, when people said that gardening was relaxing for them, I would roll my eyes. How can something that requires so much work only to then die three days later be relaxing? But then I really took some time to research the plants, when to plant, where to plant, etc. Once I understood this, gardening did become relaxing. It has become a form of meditation–much to my surprise. Most sunny afternoons I can be found either searching through a farmers market for new plants or spending time in my own backyard garden tending to my smorgasbord of flowers.

Now, am I good at it? No–not yet, I still have alot to learn. But my garden is now a combination of all things wild as well as a kind of test area for me to experiment what will grow well and which ones I really like.


I watched a brilliant movie recently called, Dare to be Wild. It follows the story of gardener Mary Reynolds in her quest to participate in the Chelsea Garden Show, to help the world understand the power of nature. Her love for wildflowers and hope that all gardens could one day be less manicured and more free, truly resonated with me. My garden is filled with weeds–but this is purposeful. To me,  letting a weed grow where it wants, is the essence of what gardening is. A garden is meant to be filled with vivid greens, and dazzling colors. There should be hummingbirds and butterflies and bees. And for me, I’m less worried about how other people perceive it’s beauty and more about the beauty of the habitat it is creating for so many living things. Don’t get me wrong, I do manicure it a bit, and cut back the dead stuff and pull a few weeds that might encroach on a plant every once in a while. But overall the goal of a forest looking backyard is what I strive for filled with tons of plants–some of which I know the names of but some that completely surprise me and sprout up out of nowhere.


More than anything I just love to have fun with it. I enjoy trying to grow my own flowers from seeds (even if they don’t ever bloom), finding cute gloves and shovels (it is always about the accessories right?), and learning new ways to encourage wild life to take park in the garden, is the best part.

I recently bought a few Pollinator Push Garden pops from Magnolia Market. I love looking through Joanna’s new items for home, garden and all around life and these little push-pop looking gardens were perfect for a garden rookie like myself. They had the seeds, a grow medium and instructions on how to plant all wrapped up in my favorite childhood popsicle looking package! I have included the link to them here, Magnolia Market Pollinator Push Garden


I also found the CUTEST tin from Pinch Provisions called the Plant Lady Kit that is the perfect gift for all of my other garden-loving girls. This adorable tin includes everything you need for your garden (ok, not really necessary things to grow a garden, but super fun stuff to embrace the plant lady mindset). It has a mister, a mini shovel and rake, a notebook and pencil, shears, brushes, etc. Like, I said, I love having fun with it and these cute little items add a little bit of whimsy. Link to these cute tins, The Plant Lady Kit


The last thing that I am really learning a lot about through this gardening journey is sustainable living–specifically the impact that bees, butterflies and hummingbirds have on not only our gardens but the entire ecosystem. I have chosen to embrace the bees, though if  I’m being honest, they’ve been on my shitlist after one little bumble ruined a vacation by stinging me into realizing that I’m a little bit allergic. Nonetheless, the more I read the more I understand how much we need these little pollinators. So, I recently bought myself a bee house–and will be keeping it in the garden, far away from the real house. The folks at Bambeco have great products to help ensure that all of our winged friends have a save place to stay. Strategically placing the bee house near the Push Garden that had specific flowers to attract bees, I am hoping that I will have a colony soon.




The bird feeders though, are my favorite–especially the hummingbird feeders. I have a near unhealthy fascination with hummingbirds. Their speedy wing movements and small bodies make them so interesting and mysteriously beautiful. Luckily for me, the woman who lived in my house before me, was also a lover of the wild, beautiful nature of flowers and plants. So she planted a ton of large flowering plants that the hummingbirds love! To be truthful I have no idea what they are, but I’m glad they are there.

Bambeco also has beautiful ceramic, wood and recycled glass pieces for the home. Each day I am trying to be more mindful of moving towards living a more sustainable life. Link to them here, Bambeco

Moral of the story friends, even if you don’t have a green thumb there are still so many ways to enjoy gardening and include a little something wild into life. And even if you try and fail (which I have done so many times–and continue to do), keep trying. Eventually you will find a few plants or flowers that just speak to you and that will be the beginning of your own gardening journey.


Here’s to hoping you find peace, provide a habitat, and stay wild.

American Beautiful

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