Clarisonic: The Sonic Cleanser

If you have ever had a facial, you know that your skin feels absolutely amazing afterwards. I had the hardest time trying to duplicate that feeling. No matter how many times I cleansed my skin, it just never felt as good as it did right after a facial. I have found one product however that comes very close to helping me achieve that perfectly cleansed skin feeling. This product is called the Clarisonic. It is a sonic cleansing brush that can be used with any cleanser that is meant to achieve a deeper cleansing of the skin.


There are many different variations of this sonic style cleansing brush, however, I have found that the Clarisonic is the most effective. It is a handheld device that is incredibly easy to use and understand. The rotating brush uses sonic waves to do a deep cleanse of the skin, a cleanse that you can not get just by washing your face in order to rid your skin of impurities and leftover makeup.

There are six different brush heads designed specifically for different skin types, the bristles of the brush being softer or harder depending on the type. The different speeds also allow for all skin types to be properly cleansed.

With it being a hand held device it travels easily and has great battery life.  No cords or wires (other than the battery charger) come along with this, so it can sit easily on a bathroom counter or shower.


Though it is somewhat pricey, the great thing is that it can be used by multiple people in your household. Due to the fact that the brush head is detachable, you can buy multiple brush heads for multiple people and everyone can use the same device. There are also different price levels for different devices depending on the needs of your skin.
The marketing behind this product seems to be working. It has showed up in countless magazine articles, favorite things lists and spas around the country. It is quite the nifty product and when used correctly can truly make a difference on your skin.

So next time you want to do an at home facial, try the Clarisonic, your skin will thank you! :)

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