Makeup Yourself Beautiful

Alright girls, let’s talk makeup. I have an artist’s soul, so anything that even remotely resembles a paint brush or opportunity to be creative, I jump on. I think this is why I love makeup so much.

Makeup gives you the ability to change your look as easily as changing one color. A black smoky eye can transform you into a vixen for the evening, and a bright pink lipstick can bring out the everyday girl. Whomever you want to be that day can be accomplished through how you do your makeup, whether you like to be bold or natural. The biggest thing about makeup is making sure that you are using the correct makeup for your skin type. The wrong color and type of makeup can make you look washed out, painted on or even a little ashy, however, the right makeup can make your skin look gorgeous and natural. Which brings me to my favorites:

1. Jane Iredale

1026734328_260Working in a spa I found that it was easiest to use the makeup that we used at our spa. I began using Jane Iredale makeup merely because it was convenient. I was able to easily sell the product when i knew more about it. However, once I really started using it, I found that it actually was a great product. Created as a mineral makeup and being all natural Jane Iredale makeup does not have some of the “ill effects” that other makeups tend to have on the skin.

If you are anything like me you always have the staple items, mascara, concealer, pressed powder and occasionally a bronzer. I love these pieces in the Jane collection. However, my favorite right now is the BB Cream. The Glow Time BB Cream is my absolute favorite due to the fact that it does so much for the skin. It conceals, nourishes, and helps to blend the skin tone. It also adjusts to your skin so that you have the closest match to your natural color. Now for those of you that like to just wear light makeup the BB Cream is a bit of a heavy makeup due to the fact that it is a full coverage. But for those of us that need full coverage (like me!) it definitely does the trick! Though this makeup is a bit pricey, it goes a long way.

2. Benefit

I have a confession. I am a sucker for a cute label and the packaging for Benefit Cosmetics draws me in every time. The fun and funky look that the Benefit Cosmetics have is just an additional perk to the “benefits” of the actual makeup. Benefit has a wide variety of products for many different skin types.


Two of my favorites are the Hello Flawless Powder and the POREfessional Pro Balm. Hello Flawless can act as your everyday powder as well as a concealer. Whether you want an overall coverage or just need a few spots to cover up Hello Flawless has a light finish that proves to be successful for all day wear.

POREfessional Pro Balm minimizes the appearance of pores to provide the skin with a smooth and even look. Just a dab under or over makeup will keep your skin looking even all day.

Benefits’ feel good philosophy of “laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it,” is an added bonus to help all girls remember what makeup is all about-having fun and looking beautiful.

There are a million different makeup lines in the world today and so many of them are just amazing. The two that I have chosen to focus on are two lines that are good for your skin as well as promote an overall healthy view of life and beauty.  For me, makeup is all about beauty, having fun and taking risks. That is also my life concept. To find the beauty in life, have some fun along the way and take a risk every now and again. So go out and create something beautiful girls–yourself!

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