Nuface: Yoga For Your Face

A constant among women today is the desire to look younger. We are constantly trying products, devices, and surgeries to make ourselves look like we did back when we were 21. Though I am still relatively young I am constantly on the look out for things that I will be able to use once those pesky laugh lines and frown lines begin to make their presence known. The newest product that we have seen to attempt to reverse the aging process is a device called the Nuface.

The Nuface is a device that sends micro current throughout your face to lift and tone your skin to bring the muscles back to their original place. The best part is that there is no surgery, injections, needles or lasers involved! It is all done through a hand held device that will cause you no pain (other than some minor discomfort and a tingling sensation) and there is no recovery time. The results after one treatment are incredible. To see lasting results you must use the device every day, but a plus is that it only takes a few minutes.  Since our face is comprised of mostly muscles, the Nuface works out those muscles through the mirco current that is emitted.  Compare the micro current to yoga. Whereas yoga works out our  body muscles on a daily basis, the micro current works our facial muscles on a daily basis.

Since aging is a slow progression, we forget sometimes how different our skin looked back in it’s prime, this device helps our skin to remember how tight and lifted it used to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the aging process is beautiful. Women who have aged without all of these new inventions are just as beautiful as those who have. For me, products like this are a confidence booster for those days that we just want to be young again (and we all have those days).  The device is FDA approved and has been featured  in many different magazines and spa websites and many spas are beginning to use the device in their facials as well.  For more information on this device, visit their website below. But as for this spa girl, I have chosen for my lines and wrinkles to disappear by way of the Nuface. :)


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