The Boutique Trend

Recently I have stumbled across small boutiques that years ago i would have never given a second thought. I was one of those people who when I went shopping, I would go to the mall, hit the major chain stores and buy whatever looked best on the mannequin. However, once I stepped foot in these small boutiques I fell in love. The clothes in these stores were so original. Instead of a huge store with loud music and mass produced clothes, these small boutiques have a local personal feel with only a few of each item. I walked out with a bag full of hidden treasures each time I go. Though the clothes may be sometimes on the expensive  side, they have many items that go on sale quickly especially when new shipments come in. I have found that it has also been worth my while to sign up for their loyalty programs. Due to the fact that these boutiques are usually still small and trying to make their way in the world, the loyalty programs are perfect for return customers.

My favorite right now is a boutique in Nashville TN called Blush. This store has really helped me to pick out clothes that represent my style, rather than just what is “in” right now, and their Cardigan program provides discounts to customers who visit often. I love being able to walk into the store and being greeted by name by all of the girls that work there since I have become quite the regular. They know what I like and are always willing to help me find my next outfit. The best part about this particular boutique is that I can find something for almost every occasion. Whether it be a cocktail party, a night on the town, or a comfy day at home, they have something that would work.

It seems that smaller boutiques are becoming quite the trend, popping up in outdoor shopping areas around the country. At almost every networking event I attend, there is a boutique showing of their newest items with a fashion show. And with most of these boutiques there is something for women of almost any age. I could find something for myself, my younger cousin and my mom all in one trip. So my latest fashion trend, ladies, is the boutique. If you pass by one in the near future, go in and give it a try. You never know what hidden treasures you may find!

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