Wait and Hope

 I hope. I wait. Hope for the day you bend on one knee. Wait for the moment when my breath will catch and my heart will race. Hope for the day we commit with “I Do.” Wait for the moment that a kiss will mean forever. Hope for the day we hear a new heartbeat. … More Wait and Hope

List For Life

List For Life When I turned 23 I was already concerned that I had not done enough in my life. I think everyone feels that way at some point. The pressure to succeed, the pressure to do something great, the pressure to become someone that matters. I felt like I hadn’t done any of that, … More List For Life

Fundamental Beauty

Beautiful. What image comes to your mind when you see this word? Do you see a model? How about a sunset? A work of art maybe? For most of us when the word beautiful is mentioned, the last image we picture is ourselves. Whether it be due to modesty, social acceptance or truly not believing it, we constantly … More Fundamental Beauty

A Parallelled Life

I am reflecting today on the moment when we realize that the parallels formed in our lives are not just by accident. I have had multiple opportunities over the past year to expand my horizons from a professional standpoint. These have been opportunities that made me a little uneasy at first because I knew so little … More A Parallelled Life