Married to Life

I am in my late 20′s. Society says that I should be married by now. What society doesn’t realize, is that I am married–just not in the conventional way.

I am married to adventure.

I am married to travel.

I am married to constantly aiming to be joyful and appreciative.

I am married to being a committed daughter, friend, sister and coworker.

I am married to being present in the most insignificant moments.

I am married to independence.

I am married to curiosity.

I am married to being grateful.

I am married to taking risks.

I am married to redefining beauty.

I am married to inspiration.

I am married to staying wild at heart.

I am married to being flawed.

I am married to faith.

I am married to being a dreamer.

Isn’t that what a marriage is about? Being committed. Loving something with all that you have. Believing in something greater than yourself. Do I, one day, want to be married in the traditional sense? Of course. And one day the man I marry will also be married to al of the things listed above. Until then, however, I hope to not be defined by WHO I am not married to, but WHAT I am married to. I hope to be looked at as a woman of character who is waiting for the right time and the right man to marry. A woman who, right now,  is married to living her life.

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