Music To My Ears

I have my dad’s love for music. We never had silence in my house growing up, it was constantly filled with some form of music. In fact that was the only way my dad could get me to sleep as a baby, by playing music. Though none of us are very musically inclined to play, we love to listen. My IPod is a testament to how much I love music of all genres. It contains rap, country, christian, R&B, classical, and everything and anything in between. This love for music comes from my love for stories. I love hearing other people’s stories, regardless of what form it is in. Artists and songwriters pour their hearts and souls into their music and most of their songs come from real life experiences giving us access to their story, which in many cases we can relate to. I have always associated music with happiness. Anything I can dance to, sing along with and relate to creates happiness.

This song has always been a source of happiness for me:

India.Aire: Beautiful Day

My list goes on and on and thankfully will continue to do so as long as songwriters and artists continue to tell their stories.

“Maybe if we listen close enough, we are all tuned in to the same song”

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