Sweaty Bands

UnknownMy biggest pet peeve when playing a sport, doing yoga, or running is when my hair falls in my face. Honestly, it is the most frustrating and focus breaking thing in the world. Being an athlete all my life and now taking up yoga, I have literally tried every type of head band there is to try to keep those ever present “fly aways” at bay while I am working out. Every one that I found either slipped off of my head after five minutes of vigorous activity or was so tight that it gave me a headache. I was, until recently, ready to give up on my search when I discovered Sweaty Bands. Sweaty Bands is a company based out of my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. The creator, Donna Browning, sought out to create a headband that was functional as well as stylish. She studied countless other headbands to help her select the simple combination of colorful ribbon, velvet, elastic and thread.  With the use of these elements she found that they did not slip and had a sleek look. After starting a small start up company with her family in 2007 it has grown into a hugely successful worldwide known brand. It has been featured on the Today Show as well as in countless stores across the US and abroad.It is the perfect headband for all of us that enjoy looking semi cute when we sweat and, more than anything, need something that will not slip off. I was hesitant at first since all of the other “no-slip” headbands I tried were way too tight, however, upon wearing one for an entire day, I realized this was the headband I had been searching for. It stayed on throughout a yoga class, a walk (turned into a run) through the park with my dog, and countless errands, and not once did I have to stop to adjust or put back in place. There are a variety of different sizes and countless different designs, colors and patterns. You can even go on their website and customize your own! Had I known about these in college, our entire team would have been sporting our school colors Sweaty Bands style! So, if you are a sweaty girl like I am, and hate those boring headbands that don’t do their job, I definitely recommend Sweaty Bands!


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