Lost In Imagination

Often times I miss feeling lost. I miss the feeling of being lost within my thoughts. I miss letting myself become completely consumed with what could be, with what may never be and with what is completely unfathomable. That imaginative process that creates ideas and concepts that never make an appearance in daily life–the daydreaming subconscious. Those moments where you feel completely yourself, free to think about whatever the depths of your mind create, without judgements. Free from thoughts centered around logic, goals and outcomes.

0f698cd00d09ac28e36e1b93b441fc92 I let myself become so enamored with the hectic nature that my life can sometimes create. I become so overwhelmed with linear thought and sensible concepts that the appeal for creative wandering becomes absent. I dream up these lofty goals of one day writing something that people (other than my family, merely out of guilt and obligation) would read. And yet I never free my mind enough to make these dreams possible. When I was young I was drawn to stories. I was drawn to how intricately the mind works to create these worlds and characters that have never existed. The amazing way authors could build an entire story around nothing but a thought. The sight of a blank page ignites within me excitement at the possibility of what may soon grace that page. The possibility that it may hold the beginnings of the next great love story or a great adventure in a far off land.

I miss becoming lost within these thoughts because it is within these thoughts that truly amazing dreams reveal themselves.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”- Albert Einstein

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