The Grieving Thing

Grief is an interesting thing.
It is incredibly complexed in the actual emotion,
And can not be defined the same for each individual.
It is expressed in a variety of different ways,
Yet the end result is the same.
It usually hits where it hurts the most-family.
It hits those people who we can not live without,
Which makes the pain that much greater.
But through it all grief draws people together,
It makes people love stronger.
It reminds us how fleeting life really is,
And the importance of holding on to those who are dear.
Grief is a thing that we wish upon no one,
And that has potential to tear someone apart.
But when we hold onto each other with a strong hand,
Refuse to give up hope and love with our whole heart,
That grief is lessened.
And eventually, though it will never go away,
It seems like only a memory and we find a way
To once again be happy.

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