Is Marriage Dead?

Nowadays we are constantly hearing of the divorce rate rising, marriages falling apart before they have a chance to form, and people refusing to get married just for “the piece of paper”. Being bombarded with all of these negative viewpoints on marriage, it is easy for a 20-something girl hoping to get married in the future rethink her options. Marriage has lost its appeal for many people, but is marriage really dead?

Woking in the hotel industry I see every type of couple. The young couple, in love and lust wanting to be together every minute of every day. The middle aged couple with five kids just looking for a minute to themselves. The odd couple, the fun couple, the strange couple–I have come across them all. But i think my favorite is the older couple.

As I walked into work this morning I noticed all of the older couples throughout the hotel. Some were drinking coffee surrounded by friends as they sat around the fire and reminiced about the “gool ole days”. Some were casually strolling around, hand in hand as their minds wandered. The way that these people intracted showed how much they truly loved each other. Walking hand-in-hand, sitting close to each other, sometimes arm around one another while sipping thier coffee. It is these people, the older generation, the generation who I think are the only ones who truly understand what a marriage should consist of, and what love really looks like, that I choose to use as my example for marriage.

It was later that day while at work, that I found two people who will forever epitomize the picture of a perfect marriage.

They were an older couple, probably in their mid-70’s but they acted like a bunch of 20 year olds. As I saw them come up the stairs he had his hand on her arm guiding her up the stairs making sure that she didn’t slip. As they walked in smiles lit up their faces and began to take in their surroundings. For the next 30 minutes, I heard all about their lives. The husband, a Massachusettes native had moved to Tennessee to be closer to her. They were visiting the hotel for a “Remember Romance” weekend getaway. Their actions toward each other were filled with care as they finished each others sentences. He was the epitome of chivalry and she the southern bell. Anyone who came in contact with them could tell they were in love–and it seemed very happy in their marriage.

It is this couple that gave me hope. That marriages–good and true marriages–do still exist.

2 thoughts on “Is Marriage Dead?

  1. In two weeks, I’ll be tying the knot to the man of my dreams. I think you have to be able to look at your relationship and say, “I’m so glad we have something special and different, something set apart from today’s usual crap”. I can also trust this guy to love me for who I truly am, no matter the bad hair, PMS, and other crazy changes I go through. Trust is everything.

    I wish you the best, darlin’. Don’t give up now 🙂

  2. excellent post! this is real and good and what i’d like to read more of!! it is crazy though how rarely you see this and how much you do hear all the negative about marriage… for years i’ve thought, though, that i’m ok with even waiting til i’m in the nursing home to meet her, because i will meet her (and what better odds than in a nursing home where we’re all trapped and men die sooner than women – great odds!! lol)

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